Tiki Toss 3D

Kick back and relax, watch the surf, enjoy the music. It's time for some Tiki Toss 3D!

Gameplay is simple and fun! Swipe to swing the ring and hook a ringer on the tiki board! Tiki Toss puts you in an immersive beachside scene complete with tons of details from perfect surf and chirping seabirds to a full tiki bar and fresh island music!

This relaxing beachside game is a digital rendition of the classic island hook-and-ring game. Complete with 3D graphics, the addictive game-play provides a ton of fun, while tempting your competitive nature. With score sharing and 3 different gameplay modes you can check out global leaderboards whether you're Amateur or Pro. You can even earn score multipliers and "double down" on your current score in Arcade mode! Best experienced with headphones, Tiki Toss 3D features full length tracks by popular island artists and sound effects that keep the player engaged.

Visually striking scenery, cheering friends and the calming rumble of breaking surf combine to offer an element of escape while enjoying casual gaming competition.

Get ready to mellow out and spend the day soaking up the sun, beachside. Let Tiki Toss 3D transport you to the islands today!


Combines striking scenery, cheering friends and the relaxing rumble of breaking surf, and even a tiki bar.

True-to-live swing and rope animations, rolling waves, surfing and a gentile island breeze


Best of Ten: See how many ringers you can score out of 10 tosses.
Session: No toss limit so try to get a run of ringers.
Arcade: Earn extra tosses, score multipliers, and even bet all your points on a single toss if you're feeling skillful!

Features awesome full length reggae and bossa tracks with available in-app purchase links

Go Pro for the ultra-realisic game.