The Tiki Toss Story

Tiki Toss launched as a casual gaming app for iPhones 10 years ago. After receiving tons of requests from customers to make a physical game, we got to work! After many designs and prototypes, we launched the Tiki Toss Surf edition at Surf Expo in 2011. We wound up there by chance and showed up with what we thought was a viable test for the concept. To our surprise, the product was a success and we received our first 22 wholesale orders for the prototype. Within a month of delivery, every retailer re-ordered, and soon other retailers contacted us to carry our game. We realized we had something and went to the drawing board to refine the product, design packaging, and build the Tiki Toss brand you know today.

The Original Hook And Ring Game

Ten years later, we’ve expanded the line to include over 25 original products (and growing). Hook and Ring Games have been around for a very long time but no one was making the game and we quickly realized the play pattern was not widely known by any standard and there were a ton of other ways to play it. Tiki Toss was the first and original in that sense. Over the last 10 years, we have created unique, creative, and fun games with this play pattern and we take pride in pioneering and bringing to life technology-free games. There are several knock offs emerging, but tiki toss will always be the original.

We continue to innovate around the play pattern and have many new products in our pipeline.