Head 2 Head Tiki Toss (2 player)

Product Description
Play Head 2 Head!  
2 player, fast paced action!  
Multiple ways to score.  
Sets up in seconds.  
Stores in box.  
Epic fun for the whole family!
High paced 2 player competition!  Sets up inseconds. Slide the top off, insert the hook posts and arm into their slots and you’re ready for action.  Sore as many points as passes of the ring or back on your own hook for the big points! Call your shots or play slop. When it’s time to put it away, place posts and arm back in the box, slide the cover onto the box and put back on the shelf.  Fun for all ages. Go Head 2 Head! An Official Tiki Toss product.

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1) Screw hook into center hole of board.

2) Using mounting screws or tape, mount board on wall at height of 4-5 height.

3) Screw eye hook into overhang or ceiling at a distance of 3-6 feet from wall.

(the further away the more difficult!)

4) Place ring on hook. Run the loose end of the string through the eye hook.

5) Pull string until ring is in line with string, but not overly taught.

6) Tie string and cut.

7) Tip: if string stretches over time, tie a knot on the underside of the ring.


(For unfinished / unpainted bamboo surfaces)

Indoor: To occasionally revitalize and restore shine:  

1) Clean with damp sponge and let dry.

2)  Rub with a mineral oil.  Wipe off excess.


Outdoor: As with any type of wood exposed to the elements, it is best to protect your bamboo Tiki Toss.  

1) Occasionally clean with a damp sponge and let dry.

2) If dirt or mildew has accumulated, scrub with abrasive side of sponge and let dry.

3) Protect with your finish of choice.  


* Oils, such as Teak Oil, will require more frequent application.
*  Urethane or lacquer coatings will offer longer lasting protection.

** When using products to care for indoor or outdoor applications, always follow the directions of the product's manufacturer.

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