Brass Replacement Components

Brass Replacement Components



Step it up with Brass! 

Official replacement components include Brass Quick connect Hook, Brass Passthrough Ring, String, eye hook, mounting screws and cord lock. 

Note, this is not a DIY kit and will only work with Official Tiki Toss Backboards.

Time for an upgrade?  Go Brass! Everything included to get you back in action:  Quick Connect Hook, Pass Through Ring with string, Eye Hook, mounting screws and cord lock.  For official Tiki Toss backboards only. Note:  This is not a DIY kit.  For DIY kits, click here.

Replacement Telescoping Pole (For Deluxe products)

Replacement telescoping pole for Tiki Toss, Tee Toss and Free Toss DELUXE products.

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