10 Classic Rainy Day Games for the Whole Family

10 Classic Rainy Day Games for the Whole Family

Rain, rain, go away! My family had been sharing that sentiment for quite a while over the last couple of months. The weather has been pretty wet, which has put a damper on bike rides, hiking, basically, any fun outdoor activity. Being stuck in our home was a bit boring at first, especially if the storms had caused the power to go out. Then, a solution was tossed our way…

child looking through window on a rainy day

My mother sent us a Tabletop Tiki Toss hook and ring game. So, my wife and kids gathered around our dining room table and we played… and it was one of the most fun times we had as a family in a while! The game was such a simple concept, but it was also so enjoyably addictive! Plus, it didn’t require any electricity and gave us some real face-time with our kids (without the use of any tablet devices). We now happily welcome rainy days or as we like to call them: Rainy Family Game Days!

10 Rainy Day Activities That Are Fun for Adults & Kids

I want you to be able to take advantage of the fun hidden within rainy days as well! Here’s an inside track on some of the best “inside games/activities” that my family and I have enjoyed thus far!

1. Build a fort

Got pillows? Blankets? Chairs? A creative mind that likes to build? Well, then you’re a perfect candidate for setting up an amazing, indoor fort! I’m not just talking about a few stacked pillows underneath a bed sheet. This is your Rainy Day Family Fort, so be sure to go all out and craft the largest, coziest fortress you can! Utilizing clothespins and oversized paper clips will work wonders when you’re trying to keep the blankets connected! Then you can all relax underneath your new shelter with a good book or movie.

two kids under an indoor blanket fort

2. Scavenger hunt

My kids always seem to be on the hunt for things, so why not turn that innate curiosity into something more entertaining? Make up a treasure map, leave clues to be discovered, provide little rewards for successful hunting! You can pick whatever theme and/or parameters you and your children like! You can even take turns between being the hunt organizer and the actual hunter!

3. Balloon tennis

You’d be surprised how much enjoyment you and your kids can get by bopping a balloon back and forth! Just don’t let it hit the ground! You can either play against each other or all together. My kids had a blast diving all about, trying to keep the balloon elevated. I would definitely recommend clearing out a good amount of surface area.

4. Indoor bowling

No pins? No problem! Plastic bottles work just fine (and won’t put a dent in your furniture). You can line them up like regular bowling pins and roll them over with a soft rubber or plastic ball! I actually learned how to keep score and my family enjoyed a full ten frames of action! Extra tip: put a little bit of water in each bottle to give them a sturdy base.

5. Indoor basketball

Grab a bucket or a hamper and set it up across the room! Shoot with a small, soft ball or a rolled up pair of socks! You can play one-on-one, two-on-two, or a crazy game of H-O-R-S-E, complete with indoor trick shots! And don’t worry about traveling with the ball – this version of basketball can be played on your knees, sitting, or even lying down!

6. Cooking or baking

Whipping something up in the kitchen could feel like a fascinating science experiment to your children! My kids really enjoyed mixing different spices together to create a flavorful marinara sauce for spaghetti night! And yes, we also mashed together some meatballs! The easiest of recipes can actually be the most fun when everyone’s working together.

7. Puzzles

Never underestimate the challenging fun that comes along with piecing together a large puzzle. You and your children are actually creating a type of art and the feeling of satisfaction you’ll receive upon placing that last piece is unmatched!

family putting together tabletop puzzle

8. Obstacle course

This one is a family favorite! We utilize benches, cushions, blankets, baskets, and more to create the ultimate trek throughout our home! Sometimes, the rules are you can’t touch the floor, but must make it safely into the kitchen. Other times, you have to crawl through a minefield of motion-activated toys without setting them off! It’s always a hilarious and engaging experience!

9. Draw!

Obviously, you can have a good time drawing as a family, but for the intent of this article, draw! is actually what my family calls our version of at-home Pictionary! We use an inexpensive chalkboard to recreate a gameshow atmosphere and make up a list of drawing clues. I don’t think I need to say anymore. You get the picture!

10. Table Top Tiki Toss

This list wouldn't be complete without emphasizing how much fun Tiki Toss can be for kids and adults alike! With zero assembly required, this is the perfect game to pull out when a rainy day creates a change of plans. With so many ways to bond around the table, Tiki Toss for tabletop shouldn't be passed up.

tiki toss table top

Bonus: Tiki Toss Adventure Island

For Tiki Toss with a twist, look no further than Tiki Toss Adventure Island! Be the first among your family to collect all five rings journeying through Quicksand Beach, The Isle of Fire, The Fourth Sister, The Ghost of the Galleon and Head Hunter Hill.

tiki toss adventure island

Parting Thoughts

I hope by now you feel sufficiently stacked with ideas for family fun should dark clouds dare descend upon you! Don’t overthink anything. The point is to show your kids that there is a wide range of delightful possibilities to do at home on a rainy day. Be sure to check out our entire selection of Tiki Toss tabletop games!

Contributing Writer: Michael Catalano

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